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Local Mobile Drug Testing

Local Mobile Drug and Alcohol Testing was started in Northeast Pennsylvania in December of 2015 and we started by sending our team of specialists directly to the job site to conduct drug and alcohol testing.  All specialists are trained and approved to do both DOT as well as Non-Dot drug testing and alcohol testing.  Currently we have we coverage 8 states but will always be committed to to testing one person at a time and hoping that we are doing good for our friends and families along the way.  

why choose us?

Our Services

We have specialists ready and willing 24/7 including weekends and Holidays.  Our prices start from $30.00 which includes everything from collection, testing and reporting positives.  We have our own LabCorp and Quest accounts which you can use or we can set up your own with any lab of your choosing.  All tests are customizable and currently we offer instant/Rapid, Urine (Lab), Hair and Alcohol testing.

Call 1-800-539-4934

Working with us you get

We are available 24/7

There is never a time that we cannot come out and test. One call and we do everything we can to be onsite within 60 minutes. We have specialists ready 24/7

Unbranded vehicle

When we arrive onsite we arrive in unbranded vehicles and unbranded attire to fit in with the environment that we are visiting so we do not stand out while onsite.

Knowledgeable Team

Our specialists are trained and approved to complete Federal and non Federal tests. They are certified in evidential breathalyzer testing as well as rapid and lab testing. They continue training throughout the year.

Meet The Team

Mike B

My Name is Mike B.  I started this company in 2015 and feel as if I have built the best team to service our clients.  I have been in the Healthcare field for many years prior to starting this company and from the clients we serve to the traveling it was by far the greatest and hardest decision of my life.

Erin M

My Name is Erin M.  I’m from Northeast PA with my 3 children.  I have several years in the Healthcare field and have joined the team in 2017.  I am certified in DOT collections as well as Evidential Breathalyzer Testing.  I enjoy being part of this team because it gives me time to spend with my children while they are still young.

Rose J

My Name is Rose J.  I live just south of Pittsburgh, PA with my 2 children.  I recently returned to college at California University of PA, where I am a Social Deviance major. I began collecting in 2005 for a company that is heavily involved with the Master Builders Association.  I enjoy my work and the freedom it provides me with in order be with my children as much as possible

Brittani K

My name is Brittani K . I have joined the team in 2018.  I have spent many years in the medical Field in various roles.  I am certified to conduct DOT and Non DOT tests as well as Evidential Breathalyzer Testing.  I joined Work safely because it fits all my needs . I can still be with my family and still maintain a great career.

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